Establishment and management of call centers

Direct directors at call centers have a key role in managing and efficiently managing the centers, because they are the main implementers of all the organization's thoughts and strategies and are at the top of it, so an efficient and effective management will complement the management chain of the organization. Providing a quality service and satisfying customers is the goal of all the efforts of an organization that the call center is. Resource management, quality control and maintaining the desired level of service delivery are the main challenge for managers and supervisors of call centers.

Today's communication centers need motivated and creative experts who offer more services than they have been asked.

Call Center Seminars

create motivation and maintain call center agents and creating attractive work place for them is usually hard and stressful. Work in contact centers is complicated and difficult, and it will be deepening along with rising customer expectation for service with quality, the satisfaction challenge of contact centers staffs and also expectation of providing high quality services from agents.


Specialized courses of call center set up & deployment

Processes, manpower, and technology are all important factors in the contact centers set ups and deployment which choosing the right tools will increase productivity and reduce management challenges in the deployment phase. So an overarching look is needed for call center managers.


Specialized courses of call center design & optimizing

A call center design is the most important part of the its progress, recognition of the components and relationships between them allows us to expect high quality call center in the future. However, the diversity of these components and the complexity of the relationship are more than what we think.


Training courses of call centers & its management

ICCS as the only specialized training center for call centers or contact centers is honored to along with improving the quality of provided services in this section and also helping to increase the organization customer satisfaction, hold specialized courses in different levels and in accordance with the needs of organizations.



Gamification is an efficient way to use the most prominent human features such as the interest in success, competition, vision, and progress that are used to enhance agent’s sense of loyalty, belonging and motivation. contact centers environment has a very high potential to utilize the influential factors of the Gamification.


Due to the wide range of equipment as well as related modules of the contact center and the variety of their functions in different situations, there is a need for a knowingly review and design before any action.


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