Customer Service Center Training Academy

Safir Abi Aram CO. as the first outsourcing contact center company in Iran with more than 10 years of experience in implementing major domestic and international projects in this field, since its inception, it has recognized the important role of education in this industry and in this regard, in collaboration with professional instructors and also by relying on the knowledge and experience of the organization and managers. Has implemented specialized courses for contact centers at different levels.

The fact is that in today’s world what is most important is human power. Economists believe that what ultimately determines the characteristics of a country’s economic and social development process is its human resources, not capital or other material resources.

The importance of training

The benefits of standardization

The methods of production are standardized through training. All trained employees follow same methods and techniques of production and hence there can be little variation in output and standards produced by different employees. By using standardized methods, the quality of output would be increased.

Increasing organizational stability and flexibility

Training provides opportunities for the employees to learn an acquire skills to work in several departments in an organization. Training also results in low rate of labor turnover which means high consistency in organizations in retaining people for long period of time. Low labor turnover means high organizational stability.

Increase in productivity

Training brings about increase in quantity and quality of goods produced resulting in high productivity.Flexibility is ensured because employees may be placed in several departments over a period of time as they acquire multiplicity of skills through adequate training

Heightened morale

Training results in increased morale of employees because of reduction in dissatisfaction at work, reduced complaints, and reduced absenteeism, and increased interest in work during the post-training period. Heightened morale results in increased loyalty to the organization.

Reduced supervision and direction

A trained employee knows what job he has to do and how to do that job and requires no guidance and supervision. Supervisors can devote their time to solve more important problems rather than concentrating on constant and regular supervision.

Economical use of resources

A well-trained employee makes better and economical use of available resources (materials, machines, and equipment). Optimum utilization of resources results in reduced cost on production and higher profits.

Reduced accidents at workplace

Training eliminates (reduces) the possibility of incident due to mishandling of equipment, machinery, and other resources of the organization.

Reduced learning time

An untrained worker consumes a lot of time to learn the methods, technique of doing the work. Skilled and trained employees reach the acceptable level of performance within no time. Therefore, training results in reduced learning time.

Future manpower needs

Through proper training employees become eligible for promotion handling more responsibility. An expanding and growing organization wishes to train the existing employees so as to place them in higher positions in future.

Specialized call center training

Customers are currently the most important asset of any business and, in the current circumstances, maintaining this valuable asset is in high priority for organizations and corporations. The Contact center as one of the most important communication tools for customers in a two-way interaction has a great ability to create value as well as create the right experience. One of the three main areas in the customer care centers, which has the most financial and managerial investment, is the human resources that are in fact the main center of the call center and the manifestation of all the activities of the center.

It is very important to empower these forces at all levels to provide a quality service at the call center.

Contact center

Contact center has very dynamic and flexible workspace also working strategies are huge, which requires call center managers to be familiar with the design and implementation strategies of contact centers.

Contact center workspace is unpredictable so the role of supervisors in critical times and instant decisions is very important.

The main product, which is the expert’s conversation with customers, is controlled after delivery, which makes the importance of manpower more visible.

Contact Center Academy

Contact Center Academy Visions

The Contact Center Academy is a specialized assessment center, training and evaluating call centers and forces employed in the customer care industry.

Become the leading reference center for assessing and training the Contact Center industry in Iran and one of the most trusted center in the Middle East until the end of 2025.

Knowledge generation in customer care (Contact Center) field.

Contact Center Academy Mission

  • Train more than 80% of employees in this industry in Iran in next 5 years.
  • Granting Iran’s Market Approved document internally and externally to trainee.
  • Create a reliable data base of Iran and global events in Contact Center Industry.
  • Review and statistical research and publication it in this field.

Contact Center Academy Value

  • Full loyalty to the learning process, regardless of business desires.
  • Commitment to continuous improvement in processes.
  • Preserve of confidential information