The second Seminar Of ICCS | 2015

The second Seminar Of ICCS | 2015

The ICCS call centers global seminar with the aim of enhancing the quality level of activists of this field is honored to gathered activists and pundits for the second year in order to create a synergy to help this applicatory industry growth in the country.

Beyond a network seminar of colleagues and customers

We believe that the result of attending to a seminar in addition to academic load and raising the level of specialized knowledge, is meeting with colleagues, introducing ourselves and our products and services to others and reviewing the market and industry. Since at the global call centers seminars grandees and activists of this field attend with their customers, this gathering can be a great place for activist and customers of this industry.

  • Observe examples of successful and unsuccessful call centers
  • Create an extensive network of customers and colleagues in this industry
  • Update your information in the call center industry; facilities; available capacity in the country and world-wide knowledge
  • Review the current status of the contact center industry and Its pioneers in Iran
  • Analyzing Iran’s market opportunities and challenges and Localization of Industry
  • Introducing call centers new facilities and technologies
  • Review of the world modern technologies in this area and its introduction.
  • Creating a dynamic management chain between providers and consumers of call center services
  • Create a professional and effective communication between activists of this field
  • Transfer today’s world knowledge and experience in contact center industry
  • Review of modern managerial achievements in the Call Centers field in the World
  • Customer relationship strategies in call centers
  • The call centers role in promoting organization’s brand
  • Customer loyalty in call centers
  • CRM modeling in call centers
  • Modern achievements in call centers
  • Managers and agents of service providers, technologies and other call centers facilities
  • Managers and agents of beneficiary organizations
  • Managers and agents of organizations which can use call center services to promote their organization’s services and strategies.

Seminar's speakers

ICCS 2015

The ICCS Call Centers National Seminar is dedicated to raising the level of quality of the activists in this field, bringing together activists and scholars for the second year to help create a synergy to the growth of the applied industry in the country.

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