The Third Seminar Of ICCS | 2016

What is the third seminar about?

Motivate and maintain call center agents and create an attractive environment for them is usually very hard and stressful. Work in Contact centers is complex and difficult and along with rising customer expectations for a high quality service, staff satisfaction challenge in call center and expectation of providing high-quality services from agents become deeper. These factors make it insufficient to just look at the display and read through the text, or even follow a standardized process.

Seminar Targets

Seminar Topics

Why should we attend this seminar?

  • Review Management challenges in contact centers industry
  • Familiarity with the world methods of contact centers management
  • Create interactions between different components of contact centers
  • Use of new mechanisms to motivate contact centers staffs
  • Review new methods of customer satisfaction in Contact Centers
  • Create development opportunities for contact centers staffs
  • Creating the possibility of success due to team’s goal and work
  • Team working management and use the sense of competition in performing tasks
  • Consider the impact of team success on personal development
  • Contact centers quality management by using gamification mechanics and indicators
  • Familiarity with new contact centers management
  • Familiarity with knowledge and experience of colleagues and activists in this industry
  • Expand the network of colleagues, customers and communications
ICCS 2016

call center seminar intend to engage the ways to use theory in customer care centers and review its effects.

High stress, repeated activities and lack of job promotion are high importance factors of call centers agent’s quits.

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