The Fourth Seminar Of ICCS | Contact Centers 2025

Next Generation of Contact Centers

The contact center is always at the forefront of meeting the expectations of the organization and its customers and there is no other industry that can adapt to such rapid pace with these fast and growing changes.

New communication paths, organization staff and, most importantly, customers who are becoming more powerful and more aware every day,all of these, along with contact centers, have helped customer service improvement in organization.

The contact center in all organizations, both small and large, always exists and will be an effective and important tool, however there have certainly been significant changes to the form of use and even the component parts of this tool.

The high technological growth, and more importantly, changing customer lifestyles shows us that fundamental changes will soon occur in contact centers which will change the nature and even the appearance and function of them.

Who is the appropriate seminar?

Seminar Topics

Why should we attend this seminar?

  • Managers and caretakers of contact centers
  • Experts with a history of call centers
  • Managers and experts in customer service and CRM
  • HR managers and experts
  • Managers and Experts Analysis and Future Studies
  • Evolution in providing customer service
  • The contact center is dead – Long live the experience center!
  • The shift from cost center to opportunity center
  • From self – service to ‘selfie – service’
  • Introducing MS bond: The SUPERAGENT of the future
  • Cloud contact center
  • Big data analytic and contact center
  • Familiarity with new contact centers management
  • Familiarity with knowledge and experience of colleagues and activists in this industry
  • Expand the network of colleagues, customers and communications

Seminar's speakers


Ali Ghanadian

  • Director of the National Seminar on Call Centers
  • Moderator courses Contact centers management
  • Speaker and Contact Center Consultant

MohammadReza Deh Bozorgi

  • The author of the reference book “Cellular Networks”
  • Big Data Specialist Lecturer
  • Graduate from American Emory University

Mostafa Amini

  • University professor and lecturer
  • Author of SOA Service Oriented Architecture
  • Pro speaker of CallCenter
  • Secretary of the Working Group on Service Development

Brad Cleveland

  • Managing Director of the American Institute of ICMI
  • Lecturer and lecturer in the field of contact centers management
  • The author of the Contact Center Management

Martin Bogdan

  • Professor of Computer Science at the Technical University of Leipzig, Germany
  • PhD in Computer Science from the University of Tübingen,Germany
  • Assistant Professor



  • University professor and lecturer
  • Senior HR Manager and Advisor

  • Director of Service Development Group

  • Lecturer and lecturer in the field of contact centers management
ICCS 2017

Launch of the first contact center specialized book in Farsi.

Many of the changes we think will happen in the future have already happened.

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